You spent 1000 devoted hours building your model railway or railroad and now it just sits there gathering cobwebs. Why? You’re still interested, you’re still buying and building models, so what happened to the urge to run them?

Let me ask you: do you run your freight trains into your station (or depot), shuffle them a bit, then swap your locomotive and guards van or caboose around – and just trundle them all out again? And do you run your passenger trains in much the same way?

Gets boring, doesn’t it?

How about operating your traffic more like a prototypical railway? With clients who want regular and varied freight. With industries that want sensible deliveries of the raw materials they need, and forwarding of the products they turn out. In other words, traffic generation that asks for sensible switching and shunting. And how about passenger or freight trains that only run on weekdays, or market days, or during the harvest, winters, holidays or other seasonal periods?

There are several traditional ways to generate traffic from dealing cards or throwing dice to make up trains of wagons, to working out a schedule of moves that uses all your wagons in various turns and recording these on a Rolodex or card system.

Have you thought of these? Of course you have! But manual systems are hard work or simplistic, and some computer software can be heavy on admin. But Wagonflow takes away the hassle and only needs about 5 minutes per hour to bring you terrific operation!